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Arman Shaikenov has vast professional experience as a commercial lawyer and a professor of jurisprudence.

Before entirely devoting himself to teaching and research, Arman had successfully practiced as counsel and partner for 22 years with international and leading domestic law firms in Almaty and Moscow. While with McGuireWoods, Arman represented the Republic of Kazakhstan in international commercial arbitrations under the LCIA, AAA, and SCC rules. He acted as the leading counsel and the core expert on post-Soviet law in those arbitration matters.

He represented clients in numerous negotiations on the conclusion of subsoil use contracts, on the purchase of subsoil user companies, a bank, a metallurgical plant, on the entrance into complex construction contracts and pre-trial settlement of disputes – in the CIS and abroad for a total amount of hundreds of millions of US dollars.

He represented clients before Kazakh courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court, in civil, administrative, and tax litigation matters.

Arman has taught students at various universities. As part of community service, Arman has regularly taught legal practitioners on behalf of the Chamber of Legal Advisers "IUSTUS," of which he is a founder and Chairman of the Attestation Commission.

He is widely considered a thought leader: he speaks out and publishes on the most topical legal problems, revealing their foundations and offering systemic solutions. He is regularly invited to speak before a broad audience and publish on cutting-edge issues of civil law, civil procedure, and constitutional law, as well as general theory and philosophy of law. He routinely acts as a legal expert on post-Soviet and international public law in support of foreign court and arbitral proceedings.

Academic experience

Arman's academic experience, among other forms of teaching and research, includes conducting the following university courses:

 General theoretical courses

  1. Theory of State and Law
  2. General Theory of Law (Jurisprudence)
  3. Roman Law
  4. Gai Institutiones: Or Institutes of Roman Law By Gaius
  5. Philosophy of Law (LLM program)
  6. Modern Theory of Jurisprudence (LLM program)
  7. Constitutional Law

 Specialized courses

  1. Civil Law – General Part
  2. Civil Law – Special part
  3. Contract Law
  4. English Contract Law
  5. Private International Law

 General cultural courses

  1. Logic
  2. Rhetoric
  3. The Art of Negotiation


Kazakh State Law University, Faculty of Business Law. Diploma with honors. Almaty, 1997


Chamber of Legal Advisers "IUSTUS" (a self-regulated professional bar association established under the 2018 Kazakhstan Law on Advocacy and Legal Assistance), Co-founder, Member, and Chairman of the Attestation Commission, responsible for assessing the qualifications of lawyers admitted to the Chamber


Below are some selected publications of Arman Shaikenov:

  1. Shaikenov, A., & Shaikenov, V. (2021). Dobrosovestnost' i sostjazatel'nost' v grazhdanskom processe (otzyv na tezisy juristov firmy "Dentons" i professora M. K. Sulejmenova) [Good Faith and the Adversarial System Within Litigation (A Response to the Arguments of Members of the Law Firm Dentons and Professor M. K. Suleimenov)]. https://online.zakon.kz/Document/?doc_id=34224193
  2. Shaikenov, A., & Shaikenov, V. (2021). Diskussionnyj potencial idei dobrosovestnosti v publichnom prave [The Scope for Further Discussion of the Idea of Good Faith in Public Law]. https://online.zakon.kz/Document/?doc_id=34393137
  3. Shaikenov, A., & Aliyev, F. (2020, November 16). Nemnogo o logike i kul'ture v diskussii o budushhem juridicheskih konsul'tantov. https://online.zakon.kz/Document/?doc_id=36684713
  4. Shaikenov, A. (2020, June 15). Reforma grazhdanskogo zakonodatel'stva i budushhee otechestvennoj civilistiki [Reform of Civil Legislation and the Future of the Kazakhstan Civil Law]. https://online.zakon.kz/Document/?doc_id=33271541
  5. Shaikenov, A. (2018). S pravom perepiski. Kratkaja istorija izmenenij kazahstanskoj konstitucii [With the Right to Make Changes. A Brief History of Changes to the Kazakhstan Constitution]. https://online.zakon.kz/Document/?doc_id=36684713
  6. Shaikenov, A. (2017, June 29). Nuzhno li publichno obsuzhdat' sudebnye postanovlenija v Respublike Kazahstan? [Is It Necessary to Publicly Discuss Court Decisions in the Republic of Kazakhstan?]. Forbes Kazakhstan
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